Are you ready for London Fashion Week AW16?

Part I

5807I am still not…really I have no idea what to wear. But I am lucky to have friends, who can help me clear my outfit ideas, seeing them in nice pictures.  So I have packed some of my treasures I made myself, some designer clothes and accessories to match them and I took a bus to my friend’s house – Anni /make-up artist and hairdresser/ and Shaheen /photographer/, who has a studio in his house.


I bought a bottle of wine and we had a glass, maybe two. We were chatting and babbling about fashion trends, styles, and…like typical girls started playing with make-up and hair styles. Annabella has two huge suitcases full with hundreds of thousands of eye shadows, lipsticks, pencils, rouges, foundations, brushes…just everything that a girl needs! She started experimenting with my face and here is the result. 🙂


2hair white-shirt-art-clothes


face make upPlaying with the light in his professional studio, Shaheen, I think you made gorgeous pictures! I tried different outfits and make-ups, having so much fun! I am so happy with these pictures and because I like many, I will separate them in 3 parts! Thank you, Annabella and Shaheen!

shirt – Iri IR; trousars – ZARA



back art pic Iri IR


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