I love doing paintings! I was experimenting with many different types of paint: water paints, oil, acrylic, pencils and pastels. One of my latest experiments is painting on fabric and here is the result. 🙂 Well, first I made this white shirt, a perfect canvas for a bright painting and a perfect canvas for my body. What do you think now? Can our clothes be art clothes?

I love doing clothes for myself, friends and customers, mostly because I like being different in what I wear and my inner pleasure making others stand out from the crowd as well! I think bespoke tailoring clothing is the best way to express yourself, showing who you are and what you like. And I love hearing questions such as ‘This is gorgeous! I haven’t seen this piece anywhere. Where did you buy it from?’ I just feel fantastic when I hear these questions! 🙂


There is nothing more pleasant than wearing clothes, specially made for your personality and character, following your body curves! Clothes that fit perfectly! Then you feel all the comfort from the fabrics, specially selected for your style, and the patterns, specially constructed for your body size. Of course it costs a little bit more than expensive mass production and it takes more time to get a piece for yourself, but it’s worth it!

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