BURBERRY Made Huge Changes in Fashion Business during LFW SS16


Big news came from BURBERRY and its chief creative and chief executive officer Christopher Bailey this season. They are trying to lead the future of their brand along a contemporary new path for the fashion industry, which puts stress on many designers and other fashion brands. They announced that their autumn/winter 2016 ready-to-wear collection will be ready for purchasing right after the fashion show in Kensington Gardens.

Of course this could not change the fashion path for all brands immediately as designers have different opinions about that. Karl Lagerfeld and some others have a very conservative position like they don’t want to change anything. They think that the industry needs this 6 months after presenting a collection to produce the garments and not only: during this period, making the customers to wait until they can buy something, they create desire. The longer you wait, the higher desire you have to own something! And this is the first rule in marketing for the luxury market.


Christopher Bailey already proved himself as a designer of today’s modern life and reader of today’s consumer wishes and desires. He lead BURBERRY in our digital era, connecting the brand with the latest in fashion apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. Their last autumn/winter 2016 collection was live streamed which gave an exclusive opportunity to every fan to watch and enjoy the show. Bailey understands that nowadays consumers are very fickle, unpredictable and impatient. If they see something, they want it here and now! They don’t want to wait 6 months to purchase something. He announced that this opportunity will be given from BURBERRY to its customers this season right after the show. Smart decision as regards to indulgence of the customers and protection from copying.

In times of quick fashion, the pressure on designers is very big. They have to create between 4 and 8 collections per year, some of them more, to keep two separate fashion week shows – women’s and men’s; mid seasons and resort presentations as well. The consumer has to wait 6 months for each of these collection’s garments. But the consumer doesn’t want to wait anymore! There are so many brands to choose from with different price ranges. During a period of 6 months they may find something else more attractive. And this is how luxury brands lose customers! Most of the customers are not loyal because they don’t understand the fabrics nor the process of making garments. For them the look is the most important thing and when they find that look cheaper and easy for purchasing, they order it.


Thanks to brands such as ZARA and H&M, who have good copies of designer’s new ideas, in much cheaper price and make the look come-at-able. This is happening because of this 6 months period when luxury brands produce the garments and the cheaper brands have enough time to copy and produce the look too. They don’t take the risk to create and present original collections with innovative patterns or new styles with hope that the consumer will buy them all. They just choose the easiest for the mass market production look, copy it and sell it quickly. And this is what could not happen if the designers sell their collections immediately after the presentations!

This is just a small step, followed by a bigger one in September, when BURBERRY  will start to present only one collection per season, combined women and men fashion catwalk in one. Nowadays we have two seasons in Fashion –spring/summer season and autumn/winter season. Each season has two fashion months – one month for women and one month for men fashion weeks, where designers from New York, London, Paris and Milan present their new collections. Hopefully BURBERRY decision will increase the interest in fashion, decrease the costs with making one catwalk instead of two and set the trends in the correct season – now!

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All Photos Credit: it-fashion-blog.com

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