December is the most beautiful time of the year! It is Christmas time and everyone is in festive mood. The buzz of finding the best gift for your loved ones, talking about tasty food, happy children running around that big man with a long white beard, dressed in red…December is a really magical month! I just love it!

flowers-christmas-kew-gardensWhat is Christmas without Christmas lights? Everywhere you could see lights, Christmas trees and happy smiling faces. But the best place for a night walk is Kew Gardens for me. There is magic there and you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the beauty of creativity. Mind blowing installations with sound and colourful lightning are all around the park in the heart of London. At this festive time of the year find time and take your friends and family to Kew Gardens and don’t miss spending joyful time together.

chess-kew-gardens-illumination-light-christmas christmas-tree-lights-coffee-kew-gardens

Illuminations lightning will take your breath away. Walking one mile on a sparkling path I felt like a heroine from a fantasy movie. I’ve passed through real Fire Gardens covered with a blanket of smoke. You can barely see the huge lightning birds in the middle of the fire but you can hear their scary voices.

fire-garden-kew-christmas-birds fire-garden-kew-christmas-love-birds

hive-kew-gardens--night-lightI passed through a huge hive made from thousands of pieces of aluminum and hundreds of led lights. It is a 17 meter high object created by UK based artist Wolfgang Buttress. The Hive encapsulates the health of honeybees and the important role of pollination, through an impressive sound and visual experience.

Kew Gardens are magical after dark and this walk was an amazing experience for an art lover like me. I have really enjoyed the lightning show projected on the main building on the lake. All these colourful pictures, related to Christmas, had me enthralled for more than 30 minutes.  Brightly laser beams danced over water and their reflection doubled the colours and made all look surreal.

illumination-lightning-kew-gardens-christmas-red illumination-light-kew-gardens-christmas-snowflakeillumination-light-kew-gardens-christmas illumination-lightening-christmas-kew-gardens

Some installations are specially made for this Christmas event but others include growing plants and trees in the garden which illuminate nature in a new very special way and in the dark everything looks different. It is a botanical wonderland! All these massive trees decorated with huge balls made me feel small like Alice in Wonderland. I felt amazing.

light-tunnel-christmas-kew-gardensThe best place to take a selfie was a Tunnel of Light. It is made from lights and they shine in different colours, they flash and play with your eyes. It is crowded there but beautiful.

A lot of tasty food was tempting me along the path. People with smiley faces offered mulled wine, marsh mellows and other refreshments in their small but cute wooden kiosks. If you want to buy a small souvenir to remember your night at Kew, or a very special gift for someone, there is a big shop next to main exit. But the best gift you could give is just to have a night walk @Kew!


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