Flat Paintings by Simon Callery at FOLD Gallery

Art for somebody, incapacity for others.

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 Or how the sewing art find a place in private art gallery as a very expensive work of art.

The author of the massive art works, Simon Callery said, that he tried to stay away from the traditional understandings of paintings and materials of creating them as oil, acrylic, water paint, and everything else. His way of thinking different lead him to fabric for tents and a simple home sewing machine. He was cutting the material in different pieces, colouring them naturally and collecting them again through a thigh red and black thread onto the machine, giving them a completely different form and space for breathing through thick metal rails. Sewing, then cutting, then sewing again…really hard work! Comparing with the large meters as well. As to the quality of the sewing…there is not a manufacturer, designer, sewing machinist or toil maker who could say that this was good. He had difficulties with the material and its different behavior in width and length. I immediately agreed with him knowing from my personal experience as a designer that fabrics also have a character!

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N 2 Simon Callery

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N 3 Simon Callery

First impression-reached! But why did he do that? The answer was the nature in its layers and the geology as a science for studying the earth. Several geologists were invited to the private view of this exhibition in FOLD gallery. All of them looked very elated because of this clever presentation of their work in a London art gallery. We saw the artist’s point of view about the importance of geologist’s work, presented in a very clever way.




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Irina and Simon Callery


me in front of N 3

I thought…why is everyone in the gallery taking these paintings as art, not just like a blanket in a war time… To me it first looked as an attempt to create patchwork, occurred in those difficult times, and one of the biggest fashion trends for this season! Which, partially proves that art and fashion are moving in one direction! That sounded too strange for Matthew Smith, art consultant and collector of contemporary art. He was also very impressed of Simon’s paintings. Smith gave the highest appeasement to the work №4, considering to make it part of his collection.


N 4 Simon Callery Credit: it-fashion.blog.com

Flat Paintings exhibition by Simon Callery can be visited in October, in FOLD gallery, London.


8 simon callery

photo credit: it-fashion-blog.com

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