london-art-fair-2018-irina-blog-collector-galleryart-fair-london-irina-blog-collector-gallery-buyerWhat sells at London Art Fair is a question that is of interest for gallery owners and probably collectors the most.

I spoke with some gallery presenters at London Art Fair 2018. They all expected to sell contemporary art better than traditional story lines. They packed their expectations with intriguing paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, ceramic objects, etc. I saw exhibited huge art dashboards and canvases. But most of presented art was in small compact sizes, ready to take with you. Let me show you some photos of the event.

london-art-fair-2018-irina-bloghome-sculpture-original-yellow-interior-irina-blogframe-colourful-home-painting-original-white-companystillife-photography-art-fair-it-blog-naturewood-art-table-frame-graphic-fair-londonbrick-art-fair-londonpig-art-sculpture-hunter-fairframe-colourful-home-painting-original-white-companyOne of the upcoming trends in interior design is art with slogans. I didn’t see many at London Art Fair this season. But I think that galleries that presented some art with slogans might had more success.metal-life-original-art-fair-it-blogred-dog-poo-contemporary-joke-art

What sells at London Art Fair is a tricky question to answer as selling depends not only by a product itself but a buyer as well.

It is hard to recognise the art buyer by one quick look at their outfit. These days, in a cosmopolitan city as London, everyone dress as they find themselves comfortable. I mean, it is hard to tell a status and a wealth of a person who might be a potential buyer of original art. But one is for sure – you can quickly recognise an art lover! I guess, most of the visitors of this huge event were art lovers as the entrance is not free. But are they those desirable art buyers that all these art gallerists were willing to meet?лондон-арт-изложение-2018-изкуство-скулптура-фотография-съвременнаchild-introduce-art-fair-london-irina-blogkatherine-house-gallery-london-irina-blogI walked around beautiful, peaceful, provocative, some irritating paintings and drawings, photographs, sculptures and art objects that could be useful part of your home or office interior. I felt inspired, motivated and a bit frustrated. All this mixed feelings and wanders kept my mind busy for long. This is when I think, art is doing its purpose to provoke your thoughts and feelings! And this is my reason to love and buy art. I really enjoy visiting events like London Art Fair.art-interior-home-decor-irina-blog-london-fairmanolo-balesteros-artist-irina-blog-glass-metal-looporiginal-interior-idea-big-paintingpink-portrait-woman-face-paint-contemporary-textureIrene-Grau-artist-irina-blog-gallery-contemporaryрамка-борд-изкуство-арт-изложение-лондонабстрактно-изкуство-лондончани-рамка-галерияwaterhouse-dodd-gallery-blue-london-art-fairIf you are really interested of what sells best at London Art Fair, you could walk around and do your research of red dots on the walls. If you are interested of any gallery contacts, you can find them at London Art Fair web site. Drop a line if you like any piece of art or you have any questions. I’m sure they will be happy to answer.competition-art-contemporary-gallery-representationinterior-design-grey-art-gallery-fair-londonfurniture-art-frame-wood-fair-londonjack-murder-serbia-contemporary-art-fair-londoninterior-art-idea-buyer-gallery-fairtea-pot-bird-ceramic-art-sold-art-fair-londonизкуството-интерес-лондончани-купува-продава-арт-изложение-любовници-книга

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